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A career in Dallas Roofing Sales and Fort Worth Roofing Sales is available now at CLC Roofing. This is a unique and powerful opportunity to dramatically change your life for the better. Here’s why:

What Makes a Great Roofing Salesperson?
What is unique about selling a roof is that the money needed for the roof is often provided by an insurance claim. The funds for the new roof come from the insurance company, not the homeowner. The money isn’t the biggest objection, which is usually the case in most sales jobs.

Because of this insurance payment, your customer is not too worried about how to pay for the roof. A customer not worried about money is highly unusual in most sales jobs. Price is usually the most difficult objection for salespeople.

The price for the new roof is mostly settled by the insurance policy coverage – it’s not highly negotiable – unless the homeowner would like upgrades or other changes like windows, siding or new skylights, etc in addition to the roof replacement.

Your customer’s greatest concern is YOU. How YOU present yourself and your company determines your success. The customer wants to make sure that they choose a really great roofing company, like CLC Roofing. People want a roofer who is reputable, does excellent work and has a body of evidence and reviews to prove it. But it all starts with you. The customer must respect and enjoy working with you. People prefer to buy from those whom they like and trust.

A New Roof is Personal. The product we sell is applied to their home. It’s very personal. This is an opportunity for them to upgrade their home with a new look or color or style. To do this, they need to pick the right company with the right roofing expert (you). There must be empathy, trust and honest rapport established quickly.

How CLC Roofing Can Help Make You Great
CLC Roofing as a company must deliver an excellent experience to every customer. We have to be great with every customer, every time. We need to be knowledgeable, we need to be trained, educated, friendly, likable, honest and people of integrity. And we are. We want them to have a great experience and to have the comfort that they made a good choice in choosing CLC.

These are the most fundamental attributes of a great roofing sales person. You must convey the high ethics, expertise, and standards CLC Roofing delivers to each and every customer.

CLC Roofing Sales Job Description
There is an exciting career track that is available right now at CLC Roofing. We are a well-established and popular roofing company in DFW and we need good people who can help us continue to grow. Our company’s most important focus is doing great work for each customer to continue building our legacy of success. A 5 Star review is our goal with every customer.

Our legacy of success will grow by us attracting and developing great people. Our focus is to provide a place to work where good people love to come to work, are proud to work here, and get excited to help home and building owners achieve their roofing goals. Success and job satisfaction comes when people are helping others in a healthy workplace environment.

CLC Roofing is currently seeking a qualified and experienced roofing and exterior salesperson. A bonus would be if the applicant has 5 or more years of experience with references. We prefer sales personnel with certifications in roof inspecting for both residential and commercial applications. The greatest attributes we seek in our people is integrity, intelligence, a willingness to work hard for success and a strong passion to make the customer very happy with CLC Roofing.

Please fill out our “Contact Us” form if you are interested in talking with us about this opportunity and we will be in touch with you. Thank you for your interest in CLC Roofing!


We are always looking for sharp, high quality individuals to help us continue to expand our business and help our long list of satisfied clients.

We are currently looking for the following:

  • Professional Roofing Sales Associates for residential and commercial sales.
  • Experienced Residential Roof Installers for composition, wood, metal, tile, and slate roofing products.
  • Experienced Commercial Installers for modified bitumen, TPO, PVC, Built-Up, and EPDM roofing products.

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